Dolphin bronze English class

Be aware that this class duration is 40 min each time, where the first 30 minutes is teaching and the last 10 min is free play in the water. The 10 min off free play is gonna help the kids with being more brave and explorative on their own with the other kids in the class.

Also the 10 min freeplay time gives the opportunity that one of the teachers can talk and interact with both kids and parents. 


You can find the class here: Esbjerg Svømmeklub | Dolphin bronze English class (


General information about Dolphin bronze class

Dolphin bronze is the natural continuation of Seahorse gold. In this class we will continue developing the skills of the kids in the water, where the goal is to get them to swim for them self. We still want to focus on the basic skills and self rescue, and also floating, diving and move back and forth in the water with or without helping devices.The kids will also learn to use the correct kicing in freestyle and backstroke, and as well begin to use the correct strokes. Further we also wants to work with the breathing in freestyle. 

If your kid has been to swimming lessons before and is ready to learn by it self, this class will then be the right choise. If your kid havent been swimming before, but is used to being in water and loves being in water, and is not afraid of getting under the water, then this class will be the best choise. But if your kid is unsafe and unsecure in the water, the best choise of class would be Dolphin beginner. 


On Dolphin bronze we have focus on learning via activities, where the kids will be challenged via their body skills. and also they have to learn the basic skills that is neccesary to be able to swim correctly. This involves developing of their balanc, coordination and position in the water, and being happy to move around in the water.


Note that, Dolphin bronze is being teaches in a pool where the kids can reach the bottom. 



To be able to register for this class, the following crtiterias has to be fullfilled:



End goals of the swimming lessons



On this level diplomas will be handed out in the end of the season as a prove on completion with the class. The swimmers will be looked at during the season and before the last swimming lesson to be able to complete en series of excersises in regard of the end goals for the class.