Seneste nyheder

The invitation for the 2022 23rd Danish International Swim Cup is ready and can be found here!

We have made several improvements to next year's competition, among them are:
  • Top 5 best performances each day
  • Bigger prizes for group performances 
  • Adjusted age groups for girls and boys
Registration is now open!
Deadline for registration is Friday 1st of April 2022.

We recommend pre-registering for the competition. Pre-registration is open until Friday 4th of March 2022. After this only final registrations will be accepted. A pre-registration shall consist of expected number of swimmers and starts and if possible expected number of coaches/leaders.

All questions and inquires can be forwarded to
We hope to see many of you once again in 2022 for the 23rd Danish International Swim Cup in Esbjerg! 
Updated 3rd of Janurary 2022:
27 teams from 6 countries have announced their participation in the 23rd Danish International Swim Cup!
Still available!
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